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Top-Dye Wool:
The Premium Choice in Dyed Wool Yarn

Acclaimed for its warmth, strength and absorbency, wool fiber is a go-to material for knitters, weavers and tufters worldwide. Worsted yarn spinners seeking the ultimate in dyed wool yarn rely on top dyeing to create top-dye wool, from which the highest quality dyed wool yarn is spun. From men’s suits to outdoor socks, top-dyed wool yarn is a favorite constituent in high-end woven and knitted apparel fabrics.

Meridian Specialty Yarn Group is the only sales yarn mill in the United States that performs top dyeing. We begin with raw wool fiber wound into a 22-pound circular package of top. These wool bumps are then dyed in various colors before blending into heathers or solids to create customer-desired color characteristics.

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