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Entrust Your Precious Yarns to the Color Experts

Color is the ingredient that spices up everyday living. It plays with our emotions and makes our surroundings pop. Color sparks imagination and invites us to experience life a little more deeply. It brightens our world.

Meridian Specialty Yarn Group embraces color’s powerful responsibility by infusing yarn with incredible color from our accomplished dye house in Valdese, North Carolina. Here, we dye every type of fiber ranging from luxurious, mercerized Egyptian cotton to commodity-grade yarns for cost-conscious production. No substrate is too challenging.

When you work with MSYG, you’re never limited to certain fiber or color choices, so feel free to let your design ideas run wild.

Thousands of colors.
Endless possibilities. 

If you want to match the brilliance of a fiery sunset or capture the essence of a calm Caribbean sea, get the rich results you crave from the people who understand color. From dramatic to neutral tones, MSYG generates every color in the spectrum – from blacks and whites to neons. 

We offer an unlimited palette of captivating colors, dyeing yarn in flattering hues such as Electric Blue or Venetian Red. Our color library is stocked with every unique formula to create the exact shade you envision.

A perfect match
every time

No matter where you collect your inspiration, our color professionals ensure complete alignment with customer specifications when matching your color standard. Their keen eye for color and mastery of the science and art required to establish that perfect shade make them highly skilled in matching colors spot-on. Your color is expertly formulated in our lab and verified through a rigorous color-matching process, ensuring a flawless match between your standard and the finished product.

How we apply color

Specializing in various dyeing technologies, some of which are offered only by Meridian Specialty Yarn Group, we process color in a variety of ways:  

Package dyeing/Chemical treatments
Space dyeing
Top dyeing
Yarn printing/TOW dyeing

Whichever dyeing method you choose, you’ll always receive exquisite, consistent quality in every lot.  

Offering the widest range of yarn dyeing products in the industry, we're the only dye house producing space dyed textured polyester and top-dye wool, as well as the first and only TOW dyeing operation in the U.S., where we will soon be dyeing raw acrylic fiber versus sourcing it overseas.

MSYG is expanding its diverse dyeing operation to give our customers even more specialty dye services and capacity. Nearly doubling in size, this ultra-modern yarn dyeing facility will offer the most comprehensive and progressive dye technology and automation in the western hemisphere.

Customers enjoy the flexibility of doing business with us on either a commission dye or a package program basis, whichever best serves your needs. And we reward you with the quickest possible turnaround – even on your most pressing production timetables. 

Contact us for more info on our dyeing services.