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Yarn Manufacturing and Processing Transformed

At the core of every great textile is a special yarn. Beautiful, strong, rich in color. Meridian Specialty Yarn Group brightens the world with specialty yarns rooted in undeniable quality and superior service. We’re a versatile yarn mill comprised of all-encompassing spinning and dyeing capabilities unlike anything else you’ll find in the western hemisphere.


Spin, dye, treat

MSYG is taking yarn in new and interesting directions through our top-quality yarn dyeing and the spinning of novelty yarns in thousands of shades and blends. With access to every color imaginable and an irresistible collection of fibers, we give you freedom to design without restraint.

Working with all dyeable substrates, we offer an array of dyeing services – including package dyeing, space dyeing, yarn printing, acrylic TOW dyeing and dyeing technologies not offered elsewhere, such as top dyeing and the space dyeing of polyester, as well as specialty services like yarn twisting. The epitome of dye technology and automation, our new dye house opening in 2017 will be outfitted with true state-of-the-art package, TOW, and top dyeing capabilities.

We spin yarns with the highest regard to texture and color utilizing a variety of spinning systems. From entanglement and fancy twist to coarse count ring spinning and wrap spinning, Meridian Specialty Yarn Group takes advantage of multiple yarn manufacturing technologies to create yarn with any characteristic you desire.

From our one-of-a-kind space dyed textured polyester yarns favored in woven upholstery to our unique twisting features found in military performance fabrics, MSYG gives yarn superb definition.

In addition to dyeing and spinning, we also apply specialty chemical treatments to produce yarn embedded with special, built-in performance characteristics like moisture control, antimicrobial properties and UV protection.

We work with many different fibers, including:

  • Acrylic
  • Aramid Fibers
  • Bamboo
  • Cotton
  • Flax Blends
  • Nylon
  • Olefin
  • Organic Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Rayon
  • Wool

Mindful of the needs and specifications of a wide range of markets, we astutely satisfy customer requirements for color, hand and other attributes, such as wash-fastness for apparel/hosiery and light-fastness for upholstery. You get the exact yarns you want from MSYG – and always on time.

Hands-on design process

At MSYG, we’re in constant contact with our customers and work closely with designers, making the yarn development process a collaborative experience. We welcome individual designers or entire design teams to visit our plants in person to help develop your yarn system and color line.

When you join us at our spinning operation in Ranlo, N.C. – just a short drive from Charlotte – or drop in at our dye houses in historic Valdese, located in the beautiful foothills of western North Carolina – you’ll work face-to-face with a highly qualified team of yarn specialists.


Together, we’ll efficiently turn over a sample line and fine-tune your yarn down to the very last detail.  

In the end, you walk away with your perfect product in a shorter timeframe – cutting the development phase down from months to just several days.



Discover more about our dyeing and spinning services.