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Dye Services Exclusive to MSYG

Yarn printing

Producing color effects similar to space dyeing but in longer intervals, yarn printing is a special dye method used to create intricate designs and decorative patterns in craft yarn, carpet and rug yarns, and hosiery and apparel yarns. Our yarn printing capabilities are unique in the United States and perfectly suited to achieve flawless color spacing for any project.  

TOW dyeing

From our new dye house in Valdese, N.C., Meridian Specialty Yarn Group’s recently expanded dyeing capabilities include the dyeing of raw acrylic fiber, or natural TOW. MSYG is the only dye house in the United States with this capability. As the premier domestic supplier of TOW-dyed fibers, MSYG is poised to deliver greater color flexibility, cost control and quality control, while eliminating dependency on foreign-supplied dyed acrylic.

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