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Yarn That Feels Good on Your Feet

In tune with the unique needs of the hosiery market, MSYG supplies the yarn products you need for constructing socks that benefit any lifestyle and perform in any environment – from athletic to casual. Package dyeing everything from cotton and wool to polyester, acrylic and more, our dyed yarns are used in a wide variety of hosiery with in-grain yarns, including argyles, marl dress and casual socks, and outdoor and performance socks.

Working with both natural and synthetic fibers and blends, MSYG offers a large array of high-end package dyed and novelty yarns for the hosiery market. Dyed in every possible color to achieve striking patterns and designs, these yarns also provide the ultimate in comfort and performance. Socks built from our specialty performance yarns excel at managing moisture by providing unique heating or cooling capabilities.

We offer knitters and weavers comprehensive fashion and design capabilities close to home, giving you the opportunity to source high-quality yarns made in the USA – all from a single house. Through our hands-on design process, designers and weaving mills find that developing a yarn system and color line with MSYG is fast and easy.

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