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Dyed for multi-color drama

Whether it’s contrast or harmony you fancy in a yarn, space dyeing is the ticket to breathtaking
color patterns. We print multiple colors in various lengths and shapes through one of three unique processes – producing space dyed textured polyester, injection space dyed yarns, or skein printed yarns.  Our injection dyeing process disperses exquisite color on any dye-able substrate – from rayon to cotton to wool.

Looking for an economical option to achieve space dyed color effects on polyester fiber? MSYG is the only dye house in the United States with the technology to space dye fine-count filament polyester yarn in one continuous process. Commonly used as filling and warp yarns in woven upholstery, our space dyed polyester is available as textured or fully drawn, creating yarns from  2/150 up to 1/3000 denier. Allow us to create a product with the trademarks you want, whether it’s the erratic flair of a space dyed textured polyester yarn or the brightness and luster of a fully drawn version.

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