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Leading the Way in Novelty Yarn

When knitters, weavers or the craft yarn market require the novelty spinning of vibrant, fashion-forward yarns in a wide range of lot sizes and designs, they turn to Meridian Specialty Yarn Group. Recognized as an authority on one of the oldest trades in the world, MSYG spins the largest, most elaborate selection of novelty yarns anywhere in the United States from our highly diversified mill in Ranlo, North Carolina.

We spin novelty yarns from acrylic, wool, polyester, cotton, nylon, olefin and blended fibers, and environmentally friendly fibers such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. 

Any color combination you can imagine

Customize your yarn with enthusiastic color by taking advantage of our unprecedented variety of color options. With more than 60 different colors in our large fiber inventory, we produce thousands of shades in both solid and heather blends. Spun into intriguing textures and colors, our novelty yarn products can also be embellished with distinguishing features like colored nubs and metallic yarns.  

Choose from our vast selection of spinning services to achieve any look – from entangled to twisted:

Entanglement: prevents yarn, such as air-entangled novelty bouclé, from fraying/unraveling. Performed on the world’s only Dima Air Jet machines. 

Fancy Twist: creates a softer hand for fine-count boucles made from acrylic or any combination of fibers making yarn from other yarn components.

Hollow Spindle: makes coarse-count or heavy bouclé yarns from fiber blends or other yarns. 

Coarse Count Ring Spinning: spins acrylic or wool and wool blends into flat, straight yarn.


Multi-ply Twisting:  adds texture, loft, strength and bulk to primarily ring-spun yarns, creating plied yarns with up to four ends in solid or multi-colored yarn.

Taslan: entangles filament yarns to add character and bulk via an air and water jet injection process.

Wrap Spinning: creates a soft hand complemented with strength and color by running parallel acrylic fibers through a draft zone and simultaneously wrapping with nylon or polyester filament yarns.

With the U.S.’s only state-of-the-art Caipo machine installation, we can inject computer-controlled color repeats for use in all of our spun yarn formation processes.

Carpet Yarn: semi-worsted carpet yarns made from 100% wool and wool/polyester blends for the high end carpet and rug market. These yarns are offered natural for dyeing as well as made from colored wool blends or they can be made in any shade from top-dyed wool dyed at our Valdese, NC dye house.

Contact us for more info on our spinning services.