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Immerse Yourself in Color

It’s hard to resist the color uniformity and economical appeal of a package dyed yarn. As masters of color chemistry, Meridian Specialty Yarn Group is focused on producing the most gratifying color on any dyeable substrate. The artistry and science steeped within our package dyeing process is coupled with the technical proficiency for dyeing any fiber to perfection.

We’re the only dye house that works with all dyeable substrates – from acrylic and bamboo to polyester, wool and everything in between – in volumes as small as 100 pounds up to 3,000 pounds.  Most importantly, you’ll find that our package dyeing services are fully grounded in impeccable quality and service.  

Specialty chemical treatments boost yarn performance

By expertly applying specialty chemical treatments to yarn, we help enhance fabric performance for active wear and other markets. These hard-working yarns protect fabrics against a variety of environmental challenges – from moisture buildup to microorganism infiltration and UV damage.

Moisture management/control: TransDRY® high-performance moisture management technology, developed by Cotton Inc., helps cotton yarn repel water. We treat 100 percent cotton yarns with TransDRY to create a fast-drying cotton fabric armed with moisture-management properties equal to or better than synthetic fabrics.


Anti-microbial characteristics:  Through the use of silver, copper or chemical applications, we can give yarn antimicrobial properties that offer special protection against microorganisms.

UV protection: Our high-UV polyester novelty yarns provide superior resistance to damaging UV rays to meet light-fastness requirements of the outdoor market.


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